Month: April 2018

drinking coffee
30 Apr

Reasons You Need to Drink Coffee Every Single Day

For many, especially in Western Europe and North America, drinking coffee is little no more than just a
requirement to keep you awake as you battle to meet deadlines and complete daily tasks.

In some parts of the developing world, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, which accounts for about 12 percent of global coffee production, coffee consumption is more of an aesthetics issue and a display of wealth. That said, I am informing you today that there are more benefits to coffee consumption than meets the eye. These benefits are the reasons you need to drink coffee every single day.

Again, I’d recommend organic coffee, for not only could it be better for your health, it is actually environmentally friendly.

Reasons for daily coffee consumption


1)  Coffee boosts health and lowers the risk of death: – In a study of 20,000 individuals, coffee consumers of a daily average of 4 cups of coffee had a 64 percent lower risk of death when compared to occasional consumers or those who do not consume coffee at all.These results further give credence to another observational research, which associated a higher life expectancy to coffee drinkers regardless of whether they consumed caffeinated or decaffeinated.

coffee boost health

Therefore, if indeed your main issue was the caffeine as such, Coffee or Bust have some suggestions of the best decaf 2018 coffee beans. Coffee has also been associated with risk reduction of a number of diseases such as Cutaneous Melanomacoronaryartery calciumtype 2 diabetes and computer work associated back pain.

2)  Coffee eases your workout: – Are you a workout gig? If yes, you’d know that there are just those moments during which you are willing but feeling extremely tired to workout. And of course, feeling tired makes exercising extremely difficult. For this reason, some coaches recommend caffeine before training
sessions or competitions to boost performance and alertness while drastically reducing pain and fatigue. 


Time reports that caffeine accelerates the fat burning process by the muscles. This preserves glycogen stores and increases the time before muscles wear out. Grab a cup of coffee as you head out for your work out.

3) What about the Aging Process? Have you ever been scared of the aging process and the transformation that comes with it? There is hardly any need for worry. 

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, drinking coffee can actually slow down the aging process. Protecting against inflammation, which is a bedrock of many age-related diseases, coffee truncates the aging process.

Among the elderly with low inflammation levels examined in a study by researchers of Stanford University School of Medicine, there is another similarity – the consumption of coffee. Therefore, caffeine or coffee is the secret to grow old while maintaining a youthful look hence slowing down the aging process. This further strengthens the point that coffee boosts health and caffeine consumption increases life expectancy.

4)  Your Mood and Brain Functionality: Think of those moody days in the office or at home during which nothing seems to work out well. What about the days you can’t seem to get your head around anything? Coffee most probably can help.


The consumption of between 37.5 and 450 mg of coffee daily shows evidence of improved alertness, recall and reaction times. Three to five cups a day may also lower the risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Caffeine consumption has been shown to lower the risk of suicide by at least 45 percent and a 13 percent reduced risk of depression. When consumed 8 hours apart, there is also evidence that coffee consumption boosts mood. 

5) Worried About weight loss and bad Metabolism? Try coffee. Coffee helps burn fat. Consuming
about 300mg may help burn up to 79 calories per day.

weight loss

Due to its the ability of coffee or caffeine to stimulate the Central Nervous System, coffee also can increase metabolism by almost 11 percent.

Word of Caution 

In sum, there seems to be more than enough reasons for you to consider coffee as a routine in your daily life. From general health to make the best out of a moody day. While it is safe to drink coffee, there are some side effects you may need to consider. Caffeine, the main ingredient in coffee is addictive, can cause anxiety and restlessness. That said; enjoy your coffee and a long and healthy lifestyle.


kopi luwak
13 Apr

Civet Coffee: Why it’s Time to Cut the Crap!

The Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak, as some people know it, is a type of coffee whereas incompletely digested coffee cherries are eaten and discharged (in the form of crap) by the typical Asian palm civet and collected after the fermentation process.

There are also alternative methods such as the traditional procedure of obtaining the feces from ferine civets which usually includes intensive farming control and techniques. The extractors of this coffee claim that the selection and digestion mechanisms that they employ is an incredible way of getting enhancing the constituents involved in manufacturing coffee.

One of the commonly asked questions about the kopi luwak is its relatively expensive price tag and what it offers to the delightful consumers. It is no doubt that civic coffee has impacted many health benefits to people who even have testimonies to back up its authenticity and veritable competence to human welfare.

Benefits of Kopi Luwak 

Reports have it that the ingredients of this coffee (if consumed adequately) goes a long way in preventing breast cancer and help to reduce the possibility of one having skin cancer. Other benefits such as prevention of bacteria that cause tooth cavities, general oral hygiene (with antioxidants), and protection from the risks of diabetes.

Despite the terrific healthcare applications that this coffee “variety” disposes of, the benefits can never disprove the saying that too much of anything is not good. In essence, avid coffee consumers of this standard variety must adhere to precautionary measures or will end up facing the consequences of extravagant intake.

Disadvantages of Kopi Luwak 

Naturally, this coffee comprises of a significant quantity of caffeine which tends to increase the general mental competence and enhance energy in the body.

However, excess consumption will result in side effects from the civet coffee like increased heart rate, anxiety, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, and migraines as well. It is highly recommended that the consumers of kopi luwak do not engage in more than 3 cups on a daily basis.

The Cost Of Affording Civet Coffee

Kopi Luwak

This coffee, even though it’s merely based on a chemical process instead of a coffee variety, has been acknowledged to be one of the most highest -selling coffee in the world. Studies tell us that one of the crucial reasons why it is so expensive is because it’s obtained in a more complicated methodology of extraction and refinement rather than yielding regular coffee fruits (cherries) and merely extracting the beans.

Some of the producers argue that the civet cat tends to provide better quality beans due to some elusive biochemical processes that occur in the digestive system(s). Another possible reason for the high price is the approximate amount of the substance that is produced each year – half a tonne.

This fact alone baffles the premise of the productivity mechanisms. Regarding the availability of this product, the packaging and storage for future of this coffee is said to consist of up to 40 percent counterfeit which defines the postulate that many of the buyers happen to be consuming “edible shit.” One can just conclude that civet coffee is another one of the world’s bizarre want for venturing into “crappy” but expensive eating experience as it is no way worth the high cost.

How the Production Affects Animals and the Environment

As described earlier, civet coffee is initially produced from beans of coffee berries that have been consumed and defecated by an Asian palm civet – a small, middle-class wild mammal commonly found and captured in Indonesia and Philippines.

This horrible act can be easily described as a sip of cruelty’ which equally defines it as a gruesome motive to make an inhumane coffee. These civets are trapped in small, inhospitable, unkempt cages where they are deprived of not only their well-being but freedom to explore and exploit their natural environment.

Some of the imposed confined activities include feeding of only ripe fruits (berries) that become redundant in terms of consumption. At times, one may wonder what it feels like to keep eating one type of food for the rest of a limited lifetime.

With this knowledge of cruelty kept in mind, it becomes very unethical and even irritating when industries and its retailers advertise the repugnant product for people to purchase.

Ways of Controlling the Obscene Practices

It is mainly due to ignorance of people and the deceptive minds of carefree marketers that this kind of coffee still exists and make profitable sales. The early ontogenesis of this product coffee is wholly based on market curiosity and not its veracious quality.

Thus, one ideal way to stop this proliferation and prevent the abuse of entrapped civets merely is for every individual to go for regular coffee, anytime and anywhere. This act alone will undoubtedly have a significant effect on the marketing industry of kopi luwak.