Bezos enabled EFOs in P-Games

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Aug 122011

GeekWire has post about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Greg Hart submitting a patent for “a system and method for protecting devices from impact damage.” The disclosure includes listing protection via parachutes, springs, airbags, and gas expulsion.
phone parachute
So moving a bit outside of the serious box on a Friday, could this help start P-Games (phone games)? Like ESPN did with the X-Games, but phone powered.

Take any object you could throw, kick or launch in a competition (e.g. javelin, shot put, softball, frisbee, rocket, hacky sack), replace it with your phone, tablet or Kindle of choice, and adapt the game to fit your electronic flying object (EFO).

Your phone, now an EFO with landing gear, will record its own flight path, distance, velocity etc. and post it online to track P-game activity, history, wins, records, etc. You can bet Samsung and HTC will be warring over more aerodynamic phones in no time. I’m also sure there will be integration to auto-update – in mid-flight – Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Not to mention re-definition of phone crashes.

Boom, P-Games, unintended but fun consequence of the Jeff Bezos and Greg Hart patent on protecting mobiles and tablets.