Jan 032013

According to The Next Web, Facebook is rolling out full VoIP calling in Canada and adding short voice clips to their iOS and Android Messenger apps. Canada seems to be the beta market, but the assumption is full VoIP would soon be enabled across the entire Facebook universe.

Just the tip of the iceberg
The Techmeme conversation around Facebook VoIP is quickly skewing to disruption, transformation and revolution. However, Facebook is just one of the many apps that will add voice and video capabilities. None of the individual apps will take over VoIP or video, but the aggregate result will replace the PSTN, and get us to the Younified Communications paradigm.

Video and WebRTC on deck?
It is interesting that Facebook went mobile-first with VoIP. It could have been a pure opportunity-based decision, but could also indicate that Facebook is building a WebRTC app for the desktop? I also assume that Facebook video is around the corner, likely for both the mobile apps and the web version.