largest WebRTC deployments

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Jan 032014

The second most common type of WebRTC question that I get is size. Who has the largest deployments, which use cases have scale, which will be the largest.

Amazon Mayday and Google Helpouts may seem very different. But they are the same. Contextual video. Monetized contextual video. And at scale…two very likely answers to the question of future largest WebRTC deployments.

They are also similar in that neither currently uses WebRTC. However, it is only a matter of time before Google Helpouts goes WebRTC (Helpouts is based on Hangouts and Hangouts almost certainly goes WebRTC in 2014).

Meanwhile, if Mayday is successful then Amazon could use WebRTC to expand Mayday to browsers and other tablets. Amazon could instead elect to reserve Mayday as a Kindle sales tool, but my gut is they would enable Mayday everywhere, while using the Kindles to enable new and special Mayday features. Larry Dignan also makes some great points here on how Amazon can expand Mayday use within its ecosystem

Does that make Google and Amazon into communications service providers? Of course it does. Think about that…

Oh, and what is the most common WebRTC question? Where is the money? And actually Amazon and Google are decent places to look for possible answers to that question as well.