Vick and Tebow

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Dec 312012

Vick and Tebow are two of the top 10 spread option QBs in the world and both will be available this NFL off-season. An NFL team should jump all over that opportunity. Sign both of them. Yes, both of them.

The Redskins (and, to a lesser extent, the Seahawks, 49ers and Panthers) are proving the spread option can succeed at the NFL level. No, not every NFL team or every NFL QB can run the spread option. But there are also very few top tier QBs that will take you deep into the playoffs running a traditional offense. Would you rather run a standard offense with a tier two type QB, or run the spread option with Vick and Tebow?

Yes, I know signing both of them doesn’t seem to be the prescription from any of the talking heads, and most of them are saying the opposite – stay away from both QBs. But, if you are to commit to the spread option, then what better way to have both your starter and your backup run it, especially knowing the probability that your starter misses some time?

As a Bills fan, I hope the Bills sign them both.