Mar 182013

So WebRTC is the new black at Enterprise Connect 2013. No surprise there although folks are all over the place in assumptions, analysis and predictions.  Vendor and service provider positioning doesn’t help ; ).   Of course nobody has the crystal ball but even the dialogue itself is great for telecom.

A few quick thoughts:

  • WebRTC is not creating islands.  The Internet did that.  And it is not a bad thing – we will get better communications in a more distributed architecture.  Even with islands.
  • Video and VoIP are dominating discussion but don’t forget about RTCDataChannel.
  • WebRTC is not swallowing SIP or any other protocol.  Back to that highly distributed, heterogeneous Internet world.  No one ring to rule them all.
  • WebRTC will help move telecom from hardware-based, telecom paradigm architectures to software-based, web paradigm architectures.  This will help enable the visions of purple minutes (Jeff Pulver), Hypervoice (Martin Geddes) and communications enabled business processes.

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